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SU - Garnet using her Future Vision the Joseph way by AlphonseDaya
SU - Garnet using her Future Vision the Joseph way
"Jasper!! Your next line will be "But you took the Disruptor right in the face!"
-B-but you took the Disruptor right in the fa-*GASP*"

I tried to watch Steven Universe last month, and the first 4 episodes didn't draw me to the series because of how Steven was behaving. I tried to give it a second chance by watching the fifth episode and this is where I got hooked.

I got the idea of this one by seeing some jojo-related jokes about Garnet and her "Future Vision", with Joseph Joestar's "Your next line will be..." technique, indicating he's strategically dominating his opponent. Quite fitting I say, since the show also carries some anime references, mostly from Evangelion. So the joke has already been done, but I don't care, I wanted to make my own take at it.

The pose is taken directly from the second episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Battle Tendency:…

Now I can't help but feel like something's missing. I know the Gauntlets could've been bigger, especially the one from her right, but that's not it. Maybe because it feels too flat, or does the background make that effect?

Anyway, it was fun doing that piece, and since last week I'm taking a 2 months-long traineeship in a comic book workshop, and I already feel I'm making some bits of improvements. Maybe I'll start making more drawings from here, who knows?
Fanzine 2015 (Super Hero themed) by AlphonseDaya
Fanzine 2015 (Super Hero themed)

This was done recently for the second edition of our fanzine club in college, this one centered around super heroes. I chose to illustrate as a fake cover one of the things I wanna do later, related to the fictionnal universe I keep building up named the Hyperverse. It is supposed to be a collection of stories on a a space scale, so in this, Vergard, the cosmic guy in the center (who also appears in another work of mine), is the supposed hero, fighting an intergalactic crimelord that uses the soulless remains of an ancient civilisation to do his dirty job.

 I wish I could polish it more, but I was out of time so I had to cut some corners.

 The basic translation is "Tales and Legends of the Hyperverse" "On sale on May 5th 2015".

Doodly webcomic dude by AlphonseDaya
Doodly webcomic dude
Discovered Red Sun from Metal Gear Rising's soundtrack (…) and I just loved it so much I had to draw something out of it, that is one of the main character for my still WIP webcomic.

I'm still planning things on it, I'm getting more story ideas, but I'm still stuck with 2 characters only and I want to have 4 for the team. I have something for the third character, but there's still the fourth one to think about.
Webcomic WIP: concept 2 by AlphonseDaya
Webcomic WIP: concept 2
Second character for my webcomic, whose powers are laser-based. First I couldn't decide which design I should use, but after a while talking about it with some people, I took the one in the middle.
Webcomic WIP : concept 1 by AlphonseDaya
Webcomic WIP : concept 1

I've been fiddling around since last month thinking about doing a webcomic by totally revamping mt very first OC (who was, ironically, a sonic one, that I later transformed into a human with thick eyelines), who firstly was a fighter with electric super powers andhad a golden demon inside of him. Oh and I'm going with the design on the right.

This time I intend to go along on doing it, but first I really need to plan things up, as in some months I will have a 2 months-long traineeship in a comic book workshop.

This time I want to take the concept of "demons inside of people" beyond what was first intended, by not only having most people have one, but also having ways of using their demons' power at their advantage: this can be portrayed as a great thing (see the plasmids in bioshock), but has also a bad side effect where the demons can also interact with their "host" to various degrees, at the point of taking control of them. What I want to do with this is making an illustration of our personnal demons, urges and sins: you either control them or you go along with them, depending on who you are.

I have a extremely vague premise, but as a starter it's kind of like evangelion: one day the humans are getting attacked by the demons and are barely holding them up, until they can finally repell the attack by absorbing demons inside people, and invent a whole science about that. Times go by as the humans learn more about that twin-soul science stuff and stuff happens afterwards.

Still looking for a title, name for my first (and redone) character though.

I intend the comic to be in Black and White, only the covers will be colored, as I don't have that much of an experience with it.



Current Residence: France
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock, Rock, Electro, Techno
Favourite style of art: Rush/cartoon
Operating System: XP


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